Santa Fe Seeking Solutions

Santa Fe Seal

On July 15th, Teresa Becker, Director of Solace Village, and Joyce Feldman, Board Member, attended the “Community Housing Initiative” meeting at the City of Santa Fe offices. Twenty other people gathered in a large room to discuss the dismal housing situation in Santa Fe for people of low (or no) income. Twice Teresa was given the floor to describe the concepts of Solace Village and how it could help to meet the need. She fielded questions and had several people come to talk with her after the meeting. An excellent connection was also made with the Director of the non-profit called “Life Link,” which has made a huge difference for the disadvantaged people in this city. She is a master of finding multiple funding sources, so we are excited to meet with her and glean valuable information. We also may have found a grant writer! It was a productive meeting in which many people from the City, HUD, and Human Services heard “Solace Village” for the first time. Connection is a key to forward progress. We decided as a group to have more meetings so that our words can turn into actions that bring viable solutions.


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